🏆Champions League 20-21 Knockout Stage Highlights🏆

0:00 Intro
0:04 PSG vs Barca
1:59 Atleti vs Chelsea
4:01 Juventus vs Porto
6:29 PSG vs Barcelona
10:33 Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid
12:59 Real Madrid vs Liverpool
16:05 Bayern vs PSG
17:44 PSG vs Bayern
19:34 Dortmund vs Man City
23:23 Liverpool vs Real Madrid
25:41 Real Madrid vs Chelsea
27:32 PSG vs Man City
29:37 Chelsea vs Real Madrid
34:13 Man City vs PSG

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  1. Dariusz Borkowski

    Dariusz BorkowskiPrije dan

    Neymar junior grał z Messim

  2. Henry Michael

    Henry MichaelPrije dan


  3. M4rio0x IT

    M4rio0x ITPrije dan

    1:35 this AMG petronas mercedes F1 team car is amazing

  4. Lal Biaktluangi

    Lal BiaktluangiPrije dan


  5. Ярко Рошили

    Ярко РошилиPrije dan

    Zinchenko is soooo cute 🥰36:38

  6. Luka Demic

    Luka DemicPrije 3 dana

    We are Man City...

  7. Tomas Berek

    Tomas BerekPrije 3 dana

    Timo Werner score a goal 🤯🤯🤯

  8. Rooney's 69 007Ok

    Rooney's 69 007OkPrije 3 dana

    Chelsea 💙💙💙💙💙

  9. kadri erkal

    kadri erkalPrije 4 dana

    Kerem ereal 77

  10. Yiğit BS

    Yiğit BSPrije 4 dana



    JKC BARCAPrije 5 dana

    @ Intro @ PSG vs Barca @ Atleti vs Chelsea @ Juventus vs Porto @ PSG vs Barcelona @ Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid @ Real Madrid vs Liverpool @ Bayern vs PSG @ PSG vs Bayern @ Dortmund vs Man City @ Liverpool vs Real Madrid @ Real Madrid vs Chelsea @ PSG vs Man City @ Chelsea vs Real Madrid @ Man City vs PSG

  12. IKM_2008

    IKM_2008Prije 5 dana

    We need an estimate for the money Dean lost betting on Man City :/

  13. Kamarov

    KamarovPrije 6 dana


  14. Allan Maxwell

    Allan MaxwellPrije 6 dana

    7:35 dembele shirt switches position XD

  15. mounir ainkhadra

    mounir ainkhadraPrije 7 dana

    فاك يو

  16. Michael McLoughlin

    Michael McLoughlinPrije 7 dana

    When John terry said “ That’s not the top five misses I was looking for click bait”. I laughed so hard

  17. F Gelfer

    F GelferPrije 9 dana

    Porto vs Chelsea?

  18. TAC

    TACPrije 9 dana

    15:17 What song is this

  19. Mazayla Kingdom Gaming

    Mazayla Kingdom GamingPrije 11 dana

    Need some recruits join mazayla kingdom

  20. RealFade

    RealFadePrije 12 dana

    Messi is better his team is lost

  21. Matthew GrantEvans

    Matthew GrantEvansPrije 14 dana

    it my mums and dads favret song!

  22. Anthony Phung

    Anthony PhungPrije 14 dana

    The ossified dorothy nutritionally behave because brace preauricularly visit pro a wooden care. skinny, tremendous united kingdom

  23. Charity Nosie

    Charity NosiePrije 15 dana


  24. Alex Jarman

    Alex JarmanPrije 16 dana

    Get this guy 4 million on my life

  25. Alexander Gomez

    Alexander GomezPrije 16 dana

    R.I.P verrati when messi kicked it

  26. Lamb Chelsea Reviews

    Lamb Chelsea ReviewsPrije 16 dana

    The only person who is first is 442oons because they saw it first as they made it

  27. Rafferty Curran

    Rafferty CurranPrije 16 dana

    26:25 Lol

  28. amir kogaz

    amir kogazPrije 16 dana

    taremi the beutiful character :) thank dean 🤍

  29. Oscar

    OscarPrije 17 dana

    Juve vs Porto is my fav

  30. Oreodroid

    OreodroidPrije 17 dana

    Hurts to see messi leave barca now i am switching to PSG YAY (messi's next team) But of he doesnt get no. 10 i will be mad

  31. Noe Ortiz

    Noe OrtizPrije 17 dana

    I'm watching this video in a airplane

  32. Turo

    TuroPrije 17 dana

    Liverpool as white snake haha😂😂😂

  33. Jay Sykes

    Jay SykesPrije 17 dana

    The fact that he put a moment from inbetweeners is funny

  34. Emirhan Düzgün

    Emirhan DüzgünPrije 17 dana

    pochettino and mbappe

  35. Paula Ferreira

    Paula FerreiraPrije 18 dana

    what happened to Porto vs Chelsea

  36. Faidzz_lol

    Faidzz_lolPrije 18 dana

    Werner should be nicknamed Tickle Timo Because he can’t even tickle the goal 🥅

  37. Liberté

    LibertéPrije 18 dana

    I think the part that made me laugh the most about this channel is Mbappe 😆

  38. Alice Benedict

    Alice BenedictPrije 18 dana

    The teeny-tiny laborer consistently agree because condition connolly joke circa a acrid stranger. jaded, envious buffer

  39. Sarah Burton

    Sarah BurtonPrije 19 dana


  40. VeloCT

    VeloCTPrije 19 dana

    7:26 read captions, Gaylord Navas Lmaooo

  41. Kara bob

    Kara bobPrije 20 dana

    Kylian mbappe😂😂 mbap mbap😂😂🤣🤣

  42. VictroPlayz

    VictroPlayzPrije 20 dana


  43. Ben Smith

    Ben SmithPrije 20 dana

    this in insane😂

  44. My Ears Got Youth System

    My Ears Got Youth SystemPrije 20 dana

    What are the titles of the songs between PSG vs Bayern and City vs PSG?


    JKC BARCAPrije 20 dana

    @ Intro @ PSG vs Barca @ Atleti vs Chelsea @ Juventus vs Porto @ PSG vs Barcelona @ Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid @ Real Madrid vs Liverpool @ Bayern vs PSG @ PSG vs Bayern @ Dortmund vs Man City @ Liverpool vs Real Madrid @ Real Madrid vs Chelsea @ PSG vs Man City @ Chelsea vs Real Madrid @ Man City vs PSG

  46. Elvin Qasimov

    Elvin QasimovPrije 20 dana

    Please,I bag🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  47. Elvin Qasimov

    Elvin QasimovPrije 20 dana

    dean please show me the arm of the frontmen giovanni van bronckhorst against urugua this time

  48. Tracie Luceros

    Tracie LucerosPrije 20 dana

    The bouncy saxophone simultaneously repair because trigonometry focally invent astride a thinkable winter. beautiful, acoustic pyjama

  49. rasei qedeu

    rasei qedeuPrije 20 dana

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  50. Bavzcxserty Mzxcaswev

    Bavzcxserty MzxcaswevPrije 20 dana

    The angry cobweb peripherally disarm because silk conceivably follow next a kind brandy. exciting exclusive, amuck baritone

  51. Rohith Es

    Rohith EsPrije 20 dana

    Werner is the man...😂

  52. Fishy For Life

    Fishy For LifePrije 20 dana

    What I love about the second leg of PSG Bayern game is that Lewandowski is fit for the next game.

  53. Galaxy_angle_wolf_

    Galaxy_angle_wolf_Prije 20 dana

    About the last part, I watched the game and Chelsea won 0 -1

  54. Lazery Niamh

    Lazery NiamhPrije 20 dana

    Anyone realise in real vs Chelsea Jose said “Chelsea are in the semi final of the champions league.”

  55. heelveelmeel

    heelveelmeelPrije 20 dana

    Why does nobody talks about he facts that the board reclammes from the game juve porto where Pronhub

  56. The Lusogerman

    The LusogermanPrije 21 dan

    The real highlights are chelsea stealing 2 penalties from porto

  57. Irrelevant

    IrrelevantPrije 21 dan

    “In the final of the champions league” we’ll have to stop you right there I’m afraid

  58. J & J

    J & JPrije 21 dan

    Notice how it says 1-1 yet PSG win 😅😅

  59. Harry M

    Harry MPrije 21 dan

    Your koeman voice reminds me of your Thomas Muller voice

  60. Laytoya Thomas

    Laytoya ThomasPrije 21 dan

    The ugly save conjecturally drop because fog affectively crack pace a present cormorant. calculating, cluttered alibi

  61. Nawal Qasrina

    Nawal QasrinaPrije 21 dan

    12:22 kurt zouma is muslim player you can't do that 😠

  62. Victoria Kane

    Victoria KanePrije 21 dan

    Chelsea win 1-0

  63. Nepali Traders

    Nepali TradersPrije 21 dan

    Maradona sneezed from heaven, damnnnnnn bro :v

  64. CsiGameing

    CsiGameingPrije 21 dan


  65. Ethan Tastet

    Ethan TastetPrije 21 dan

    I have a question for all of you , i am not english i am french i have à bad english but why during réal chelsea tuchel says "did Werner" and after "does werner" ? I dont really undersrand this

  66. Benjamin Amudoaghan

    Benjamin AmudoaghanPrije 21 dan

    Which time. You can say it in French. I'll translate it.

  67. Elio Cotena

    Elio CotenaPrije 21 dan


  68. Alex Nuamah

    Alex NuamahPrije 21 dan


  69. Alex Szymcz

    Alex SzymczPrije 22 dana

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  70. Double Trouble

    Double TroublePrije 22 dana


  71. Wizzts

    WizztsPrije 22 dana

    The (WE ARE MAN CITY)Video

  72. abdulrahman alali

    abdulrahman alaliPrije 22 dana

    Hey Timo Werner

  73. abdulrahman alali

    abdulrahman alaliPrije 22 dana

    Hey Cristiano Ronaldo

  74. abdulrahman alali

    abdulrahman alaliPrije 22 dana

    Hey Jose Mourinho

  75. BROTHERS gaming

    BROTHERS gamingPrije 22 dana

    12:20 hey stop lying zouma is a muslim

  76. BROTHERS gaming

    BROTHERS gamingPrije 22 dana


  77. Liam

    LiamPrije 22 dana

    5:02, Whattttt

  78. drtyusa iojkleet

    drtyusa iojkleetPrije 22 dana

    The scrawny calf steadily contain because smash really impress of a chivalrous colony. spiritual, uppity lisa

  79. Loukia Gian

    Loukia GianPrije 22 dana

    Where r the Porto v chelsea highlights?

  80. Feidhlim Carr

    Feidhlim CarrPrije 22 dana

    potchinino sounds like cr7

  81. Jean Courriol

    Jean CourriolPrije 22 dana

    The lewd literature conceptually wrestle because sardine inevitably suspect minus a talented tv. super, unequal machine

  82. dan mas

    dan masPrije 22 dana

    Maybe Man City should have left Raheem at home after that performance on Saturday night

  83. Unknown

    UnknownPrije 22 dana

    You are mocking neymar in every video you don't know his class 😏

  84. abdulrahman alali

    abdulrahman alaliPrije 22 dana

    Hey Thomas Tuchel

  85. abdulrahman alali

    abdulrahman alaliPrije 22 dana

    Hey Thomas Tuchel

  86. abdulrahman alali

    abdulrahman alaliPrije 22 dana

    Hey Dean

  87. Japeth Dele

    Japeth DelePrije 22 dana

    José:it's chelsea vs man. city in the semifinale of ucl

  88. Tacioc Racmmu

    Tacioc RacmmuPrije 22 dana

    The cloistered client timely soak because curler characteristically rescue forenenst a true gas. staking, equable person

  89. Theo Bucsa

    Theo BucsaPrije 22 dana

    That zouma praying scene killed me😂😂😂

  90. GARENA

    GARENAPrije 22 dana

    At 6:22 was so funny🤣🤣🤣🤣

  91. Bryden Derek

    Bryden DerekPrije 22 dana

    City u now u lost

  92. Faizan Rahman

    Faizan RahmanPrije 22 dana

    “If anyone knows how to pull the trigger, it’s going to be the American.” 😂

  93. EpicGamers738

    EpicGamers738Prije 21 dan


  94. Agustín Peters

    Agustín PetersPrije 22 dana

    Why do they neglect dortmund so much

  95. The Tribal Chief

    The Tribal ChiefPrije 22 dana


  96. Alma Leiva

    Alma LeivaPrije 23 dana

    8:57 verrati on the ground😂😂😂

  97. Mandothecat2

    Mandothecat2Prije 23 dana

    pep: we are man s**ty! Terry: you lost to the supreme CFC aguerooooo: *cries*

  98. Jeff Jeff

    Jeff JeffPrije 23 dana

    I never realised how many leeds united references there were in these videos

  99. Rico TV

    Rico TVPrije 23 dana

    Real vs Liverpool 1 st Leg was on fire

  100. Trian Napitupulu

    Trian NapitupuluPrije 23 dana

    31:08 Goal Jerman martial has score🤣🤣

  101. Amado Daniel Bontea

    Amado Daniel BonteaPrije 23 dana

    There's no Chelsea vs Porto!

  102. Papa_Kyle22

    Papa_Kyle22Prije 23 dana

    5:38 are we gonna ignore the advertisement