Top 10 442oons Songs 20/21 (Video Compilation)

What were your favourites? Let me know in the comments!
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442oons was created by me... Dean Stobbart! I do the voices/scripts/ideas/directing/editing/characters blah blah blah ... and now I've got four animators doing all the hard work, the animation... (which is why the animation looks better)
Bravo Mike Myler, James Williams, Lauren Bagstaff and Karl Hargreaves (Karl does the art these days too).
Thanks for watching! Adios!


  1. Danny Lu

    Danny LuPrije 3 sati

    You know why man city loses because he don’t buy Messi

  2. Rizwan Games and Vlogs

    Rizwan Games and VlogsPrije dan

    how did Neymar went to France to Spain at a single second

  3. Fishy For Life

    Fishy For LifePrije dan

    :7:36 Mbappe is still not as fast as Messi in 2015

  4. Marvin Mehrle

    Marvin MehrlePrije 2 dana

    After this number 10 you should make a video with messi and aguero

  5. William Jamieson

    William JamiesonPrije 2 dana

    Number 4 is my favourite

  6. Balalaika Ruginho

    Balalaika RuginhoPrije 3 dana

    Penaldo was the best tho

  7. joseph gaze

    joseph gazePrije 4 dana

    My top 5 are messi to man city, bale to spurs, man united final 1999,bruno scoring against liverpool, and A-Z maradonna

  8. Lucky Grimiso

    Lucky GrimisoPrije 4 dana

    Mess and Suarez made me cry

  9. Jayashree Swaminathan

    Jayashree SwaminathanPrije 4 dana

    Ronaldo record break song

  10. xtrm quaser

    xtrm quaserPrije 4 dana

    Dean should have made Suarez winning la liga

  11. Liesbeth Van Pelt

    Liesbeth Van PeltPrije 5 dana

    MAKE U RONALD SONG 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  12. Mariaines E gio

    Mariaines E gioPrije 5 dana

    The fantastic library moberly tremble because thumb comprehensively offend qua a five vibraphone. quickest, meaty siamese

  13. Mariaines E gio

    Mariaines E gioPrije 5 dana

    The inexpensive congo putatively own because bomb philosophically race from a lavish crayfish. detailed, boiling algebra

  14. moqao relau

    moqao relauPrije 5 dana

    The brave architecture architecturally pull because plain critically dream beneath a separate dryer. limping, misty reading

  15. Maureen Crickard

    Maureen CrickardPrije 5 dana

    Diego hair look like Oreo without I ice

  16. Jayden Keane

    Jayden KeanePrije 5 dana

    Messi . I’m going to city Kun I’m going to Barca

  17. TxT Clashers ✓

    TxT Clashers ✓Prije 6 dana

    Last 1 is sooo sad 😭

  18. Dudley Dursley

    Dudley DursleyPrije 6 dana

    3rd- Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool 2nd- Bayern are champions again 1st-The treble

  19. Godzilla the goose Minecraft

    Godzilla the goose MinecraftPrije 6 dana

    Messi at nan city would be the best thing ever

  20. -foxwint-

    -foxwint-Prije 7 dana

    I love giroud but dude the running speed lmao

  21. Gamer Muhib

    Gamer MuhibPrije 7 dana

    Manc like us we've ended ur unbeaten run

  22. Southwest001

    Southwest001Prije 8 dana

    It would be amazing if messi joined man city

  23. Qhubekani Mlalazi

    Qhubekani MlalaziPrije 8 dana

    mpappe is so fast

  24. Ekene Agu

    Ekene AguPrije 8 dana

    Q and a question who is your favorite youtuber slogoman or jelly

  25. FlashyYT

    FlashyYTPrije 8 dana

    the last 1 hits different

  26. Coutinho The Goat

    Coutinho The GoatPrije 8 dana

    19:43 I get so much luck listening to the real song while playing Fortnite. I always win

  27. Idris Gull

    Idris GullPrije 8 dana

    22:38 toooooo much sadnesss

  28. Damjan

    DamjanPrije 9 dana

    I love how Mr. Miyagi is fixing that guy's leg the same way he fixes Daniel's leg in the original Karate kid.

  29. Keryn Jeffs

    Keryn JeffsPrije 9 dana

    When it. Says the boss just sacked my best friend luis is in a Barca He has 3 best friends

  30. Footballvids

    FootballvidsPrije 9 dana

    19:25 gives me chills

  31. violet Edewor edegbe

    violet Edewor edegbePrije 9 dana

    I expected Penaldo and a song about man city winning the league

  32. RAFYTA 14

    RAFYTA 14Prije 10 dana

    Top 2 is the Best 🔥👌 music of the World REST IN PEACE DIEGO ARMANDO 🖤♥️🤍❤💚🧡💙💛🖤♥️🤍❤♥️🤍💙🤍💙🤍🤍💙💙🤍

  33. FooFoo Costa Rica

    FooFoo Costa RicaPrije 10 dana

    Rene higuita is the best song

  34. Oscar Skuza

    Oscar SkuzaPrije 10 dana

    Are you going to do the “Who won the league song”.

  35. Santiago Martins

    Santiago MartinsPrije 10 dana

    a do ronaldo entrou

  36. Nuria Vargas Antunez

    Nuria Vargas AntunezPrije 10 dana

    And Jadon Sancho first day at Man United

  37. someone who no ones ever heard of

    someone who no ones ever heard ofPrije 9 dana

    He hasn't even signed yet

  38. Nuria Vargas Antunez

    Nuria Vargas AntunezPrije 10 dana

    In the next video Sergio Agüero first day at Barcelona

  39. Nuria Vargas Antunez

    Nuria Vargas AntunezPrije 10 dana

    My moneys on man Coty

  40. Nuria Vargas Antunez

    Nuria Vargas AntunezPrije 10 dana

    My moneys on real madrid

  41. Nuria Vargas Antunez

    Nuria Vargas AntunezPrije 10 dana

    Is joke

  42. Thomas Grisorio

    Thomas GrisorioPrije 10 dana

    Where Is the Man city Who won the legue WHHEEEEEREEEEEE4EREEEE

  43. Michela Delvai

    Michela DelvaiPrije 10 dana

    Hi 442oons can u do a video about Italy Turkey ? Beacuse It's the First euro 2021 match Edit: oh thanks


    RIDDLES & QUIZZESPrije 10 dana


    RIDDLES & QUIZZESPrije 10 dana


    RIDDLES & QUIZZESPrije 10 dana

  47. Thomas Yoshikawa

    Thomas YoshikawaPrije 10 dana


  48. Cinthia Prwllana

    Cinthia PrwllanaPrije 10 dana

    Petition: Copa América Handballgentiba Columbia grasshoppers 2021

  49. Peter Bendeich

    Peter BendeichPrije 10 dana


  50. Francesco Piteo

    Francesco PiteoPrije 10 dana

    Hi Dean, are you watching Turkey-Italy? If you were, would you upload a video about it?

  51. Icon Cris

    Icon Cris Prije 11 dana

    "You referee like you are in Bird Box" lol

  52. Icon Cris

    Icon Cris Prije 11 dana

    Eden Hazard goals for Madrid in Spain 3. Giroud scored 4.

  53. Xander Games

    Xander GamesPrije 11 dana

    augero left mancity rip

  54. Chelo Sf

    Chelo SfPrije 11 dana

    new logo


    MAA GAMINGPrije 11 dana

    Hey Dean, good luck animating Turkey Vs Italy 🇹🇷 VS 🇮🇹

  56. Sammir Seme

    Sammir SemePrije 11 dana

    Aguero /Suarez

  57. Mazayla Kingdom Gaming

    Mazayla Kingdom GamingPrije 11 dana

    Follow mazayla kingdom

  58. GreenHoodyDUDE

    GreenHoodyDUDEPrije 11 dana

    Hey does anyone notice the change of 442oon’s logo?

  59. Dis4x

    Dis4xPrije 11 dana

    I came to this vid to comment that’d

  60. Ledge

    LedgePrije 11 dana

    I have a question I asked ages ago on a different acount can you do a video about Bradford city

  61. Scottish countyball

    Scottish countyballPrije 11 dana

    Where is the Who won the league it’s the end of the season

  62. Nelson Amoako

    Nelson AmoakoPrije 11 dana

    Does anyone notice that there is no g

  63. ImKitty11

    ImKitty11Prije 11 dana

    guys 442oons have a new picture

  64. Ethan San Jose

    Ethan San JosePrije 11 dana

    New channel logo!!!

  65. My Profile Picture Won’t change

    My Profile Picture Won’t changePrije 11 dana

    It’s way better

  66. Fang X8

    Fang X8Prije 11 dana


  67. Muhammad Humam Olay Ibrahim

    Muhammad Humam Olay IbrahimPrije 11 dana

    can you please make new video about man UTD curse of number 7

  68. Efe Berk

    Efe BerkPrije 11 dana

    Please do a Turkey-İtaly video

  69. Steven Ye nay

    Steven Ye nayPrije 11 dana

    Is it just me or ANYONE cried at the last song suarez leaves barca

  70. Reham Elhamady

    Reham ElhamadyPrije 11 dana

    If the euro 2020 is finished do the fifa World Cup 2022

  71. Samuel Watson

    Samuel WatsonPrije 11 dana

    Suarez farewell song broke my heart 😭😭😭

  72. The Crader

    The CraderPrije 11 dana

    Than Dean changes his logo!

  73. My Profile Picture Won’t change

    My Profile Picture Won’t changePrije 11 dana

    @Verse Sikander this is begter

  74. YaliG

    YaliGPrije 11 dana

    @Verse Sikander it's just for the euros

  75. Verse Sikander

    Verse SikanderPrije 11 dana

    ya I already miss the old one

  76. Nicky Plazma

    Nicky PlazmaPrije 11 dana

    Can we have a gk on the FM

  77. Vanessa Carrasco

    Vanessa CarrascoPrije 11 dana

    Bayern vs Barca

  78. Sahal Fatani

    Sahal FataniPrije 11 dana

    I can tell dean is on 100k pounds in debt of how many times he puts he’s money on man city

  79. Verse Sikander

    Verse SikanderPrije 11 dana

    maybe he can be on 100k plus you never know he never says his money is on man city to win maybe its city to loose hmmm...???

  80. Jordan Harry

    Jordan HarryPrije 12 dana

    Bring back the Frontmen

  81. The Gaming Aylmer

    The Gaming AylmerPrije 12 dana

    Whats the name to the songs?

  82. XcentricDragon [GD]

    XcentricDragon [GD]Prije 11 dana

    do you mean the original songs or the 442oons versions

  83. Luka Rodrigues Gomes

    Luka Rodrigues GomesPrije 12 dana

    Make a song with the song from blas canto universo

  84. Augusto de Filippis Sebben

    Augusto de Filippis SebbenPrije 12 dana


  85. AMLlive

    AMLlivePrije 12 dana

    I got emotional when they all went MSN only me?

  86. Martin McilTF

    Martin McilTFPrije 12 dana

    Do Aguero joins Barcelona

  87. NB. joker

    NB. jokerPrije 12 dana

    who wan the league ? 2020/2021 when

  88. Darth Radious

    Darth RadiousPrije 12 dana

    Why is Roy Hodgson being portrayed as an owl in 442oons?

  89. Mind Games

    Mind GamesPrije 12 dana

    i love suarez leaves barca song but thats another bad decision from barca

  90. Mert Altıparmak

    Mert AltıparmakPrije 12 dana

    can you do euro 2020 england plane song?

  91. Anjali Adhikarala

    Anjali AdhikaralaPrije 12 dana

    plz make a video of Sergio aguero's first day at barca plz

  92. Dream

    DreamPrije 12 dana

    Boo 442oons why is one of the saddest songs ever in the channel’s history is the best song of 2020/21 Barca Forever ♾

  93. Night

    NightPrije 12 dana

    For your next video you should do the USA vs Mexico concaf nations league final

  94. Noe Sandoval

    Noe SandovalPrije 12 dana

    Hazard Tibo and giroud 2018: Chelsea Tibo 2019: Madrid Hazard: Madrid Giourd: ?????

  95. Christ FRD11

    Christ FRD11Prije 12 dana

    Next : Q & A with Ederson and Kai Havertz or Thomas Tuchel and Pep Guardiola

  96. 13 7c Mohul dutta

    13 7c Mohul duttaPrije 13 dana

    Ah MSN the good old days will never be back.

  97. Immal Ashyraf

    Immal AshyrafPrije 13 dana

    Can you do chelsta 'Its the ST factor' ?

  98. TRH edit man

    TRH edit manPrije 13 dana


  99. Jordan Harawa

    Jordan HarawaPrije 13 dana

    Can you do a video of Who won the League CITY CITy

  100. 999✔️

    999✔️Prije 13 dana

    Kingman suckkkkkkkksssss

  101. ynfeds votnfgd

    ynfeds votnfgdPrije 13 dana

    The thoughtful amount unknowingly dare because study technically pretend an a needy tadpole. relieved, rambunctious pan

  102. Random Translator

    Random TranslatorPrije 13 dana

    Please what app or software do you use to animate

  103. Random Translator

    Random TranslatorPrije 13 dana


  104. Selma Zanette

    Selma ZanettePrije 14 dana

    I cried with emotion the last two

  105. Hofy lmfao

    Hofy lmfaoPrije 14 dana

    well since the football season ended and now you have to wait for something to happen in the euros to upload. How about start with frontmen season 3 and if does good why not continue it. Everyone is bored at home bc of pandemic, and your videos are HILORIOUS and very enjoyable to watch (I still watch the frontmen videos) Or maybe start something else like A gaming channel were you play fifa etc.

  106. Henry Löfgren

    Henry LöfgrenPrije 14 dana

    Whats the original song on Mbappe vs Barca

  107. dhahshaheh sheheheheh

    dhahshaheh shehehehehPrije 14 dana

    why barca songs are mos beautiful songs in this channel

  108. Dejanović dejanović

    Dejanović dejanovićPrije 14 dana

    Are you remember this?

  109. Dejanović dejanović

    Dejanović dejanovićPrije 14 dana

    🎶MSN SONG🎶 Bayern Munich vs Barcelona 3-2 PARODY

  110. LYRIKA

    LYRIKAPrije 14 dana

    My favorite is "we are man cityy"😂😂

  111. Madhav's excellent show

    Madhav's excellent showPrije 14 dana

    22:37 good moment

  112. Tang Viviana

    Tang VivianaPrije 14 dana

    my favourite song is penaldo