🤩EDINSON CAVANI LOB!🤩 (Man Utd vs Fulham, Edinson Cavani Goal Highlights)

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  1. 442oons

    442oonsPrije mjesec

    Want an awesome (and free) football app? Download OneFootball👉🏻 tinyurl.com/ydm5rse7 #ad


    YAHIA TORKYPrije 10 dana


  3. Simone Suma

    Simone SumaPrije 12 dana

    David James Kerr abito e di Cavani

  4. trafetf

    trafetfPrije 15 dana

    Solskjar look like Gary Neville 🤣

  5. kyro

    kyroPrije 26 dana

    442oons I have bought a firnimater t shirt it has been 2 years now and I haven't gotten it could you help me


    HUGOLIVE HDPrije mjesec

    Un Español Por Aqui Comon Gary Martial!!!!!

  7. Goof Gooba

    Goof GoobaPrije 12 sati

    *Gimme Gimme is playing in the clubs* Everybody: Gimme Gimme Gimme a man after midnight Man Utd Fans:

  8. K. Lewis

    K. LewisPrije dan

    I’d like to see Kevin de Bruyne to do that 😅

  9. Varlord Game

    Varlord GamePrije dan

    0:45 WTF?!!!?!

  10. Mr. MBN64

    Mr. MBN64Prije dan

    whats the original song please?

  11. Marshall Smith

    Marshall SmithPrije 2 dana

    The real winner of Goal of the Season: Lamela

  12. Henry Wallace

    Henry WallacePrije 2 dana

    United: Awards bruno goal of the season before Fulham game. Cavani: And I took that personally.

  13. Joaquin Rodriguez

    Joaquin RodriguezPrije 3 dana

    Why all coments is of bruno fernandez isntead of cavani😡

  14. Glaslykta

    GlaslyktaPrije 3 dana

    Only me relaising that it was olsen who was the goalie in that fa cup game cavani won with a goal outside the box in this video it was pickford

  15. RNG-Bananaツ

    RNG-BananaツPrije 5 dana


  16. Marshall Smith

    Marshall SmithPrije 6 dana

    F**king Cristiano Brunaldo

  17. chiken

    chikenPrije 8 dana

    I hate edi cavani

  18. Luke Daley

    Luke DaleyPrije 9 dana

    Bruno singing his own song 🎧 Brilliant 🤩

  19. mizim balonlar

    mizim balonlarPrije 10 dana


  20. Jack McVeigh

    Jack McVeighPrije 10 dana

    DAVID 1234

  21. Opha Kay

    Opha KayPrije 10 dana

    That part where Bruno sings his own chant got me laughing n playing this over and over again 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Siah Guan Jian

    Siah Guan JianPrije 12 dana

    I really love edi cavani i love my idol

  23. Erick Quispe

    Erick QuispePrije 13 dana

    The matador is great

  24. magdy shoala

    magdy shoalaPrije 14 dana


  25. Beg Zayn

    Beg ZaynPrije 14 dana

    The ragged bulldozer promisingly scatter because pilot focally visit than a humorous throne. sparkling, pleasant wax

  26. GLaDOS 079

    GLaDOS 079Prije 16 dana

    I think dean is a man United fan even though he hasn’t said anything about his favorite club

  27. Jeff Corn company

    Jeff Corn companyPrije 16 dana

    Only OGs remember skeleton Cavani

  28. Michelle Roworth

    Michelle RoworthPrije 16 dana


  29. Michelle Roworth

    Michelle RoworthPrije 16 dana

    At 1:23 Alex looks like edi cavani

  30. Uranium Soda

    Uranium SodaPrije 9 dana

    @Michelle Roworth z

  31. Michelle Roworth

    Michelle RoworthPrije 16 dana


  32. Michelle Roworth

    Michelle RoworthPrije 16 dana


  33. Michelle Roworth

    Michelle RoworthPrije 16 dana

    I meant 0:59

  34. Jasmin ava

    Jasmin avaPrije 16 dana

    The wretched place regrettably repair because motion annually skip before a kindly lamb. efficacious, bright uncle

  35. Sailendra Sahoo

    Sailendra SahooPrije 18 dana

    Gary's voice was amazing 😀😀

  36. Filip Paterek

    Filip PaterekPrije 18 dana


  37. Matin Oghabi

    Matin OghabiPrije 18 dana

    Mark Goldbridge watching this be like: COPYCATS

  38. Godzilla Gaming & Vlogs

    Godzilla Gaming & VlogsPrije 19 dana

    That’s a great song

  39. Delsa Compres

    Delsa CompresPrije 19 dana

    What a great goal

  40. abdulrahman alali

    abdulrahman alaliPrije 20 dana

    Hey Ole

  41. abdulrahman alali

    abdulrahman alaliPrije 20 dana

    Hey Edi Cavani

  42. Stijn Kats

    Stijn KatsPrije 21 dan

    I mis skeletor cavani☹️

  43. Mtho

    MthoPrije 21 dan

    You've used this song the 2nd time this season 🤣

  44. GREEN 51

    GREEN 51Prije 21 dan

    Muy gracioso XD

  45. Cruz

    CruzPrije 22 dana

    0:57 Sir Alex Ferguson 😂

  46. Muhammad Izz Irsyad

    Muhammad Izz IrsyadPrije 23 dana

    What is ur best team

  47. PhantomPlayz

    PhantomPlayzPrije 23 dana

    Cavani's beard is shaped like a bow and arrow!!! BTW CONGRATS TO CHELSEA FOR WINNING THE UCL CUP!!!!!!!!

  48. Arya Jathar

    Arya JatharPrije 24 dana

    What is Juan Mata is doing here

  49. Aaron Black

    Aaron BlackPrije 24 dana

    Just give it to Edi Cavani Fernandes: B R U N O B R U N O B R U N O

  50. tommy vercetti

    tommy vercettiPrije 24 dana

    Song name ?

  51. Rilwan Moshood

    Rilwan MoshoodPrije 24 dana

    Will you make a video of the Champions League final

  52. Alistair Browne

    Alistair BrownePrije 24 dana

    he will probably

  53. Prodator

    ProdatorPrije 24 dana

    The name of song please?

  54. Jj Olijede

    Jj OlijedePrije 24 dana

    mark golbridge

  55. Gamerozo Gamelance

    Gamerozo GamelancePrije 24 dana

    I love the fact that 2 of the fans are wearing the 18/19 kit

  56. Beri Hafìz

    Beri HafìzPrije 25 dana


  57. DG30 Sports

    DG30 SportsPrije 25 dana

    this didn't age well

  58. Manchester United Balkan

    Manchester United BalkanPrije 25 dana

    1:24 hahahhaahahahhahahahaha the best

  59. Malik Ali

    Malik AliPrije 25 dana

    The best song ever😊❤️

  60. Isaac Seiken

    Isaac SeikenPrije 25 dana

    music teacher: what’s the most addictive song? me: edi cavani

  61. Flariox

    FlarioxPrije 26 dana

    Who is here after the Europe league final to cheer himself up

  62. CryptxDude

    CryptxDudePrije 26 dana

    Okay but how is this better than most songs? And he makes new music like every week.

  63. Kuba Kokot

    Kuba KokotPrije 26 dana

    who is after europa league final? haha

  64. Ege Çetinkaya

    Ege ÇetinkayaPrije 26 dana

    Who is after David's penalty miss

  65. Angie Bejjani

    Angie BejjaniPrije 26 dana

    First I thought Gary is a Liverpool fan

  66. roblox.player _XD

    roblox.player _XDPrije 26 dana

    approved by cantona

  67. Cass the gardener

    Cass the gardenerPrije 26 dana

    Proof VAR is rigged. He was offside

  68. BIntang NM

    BIntang NMPrije 26 dana

    give it to david de gea, he will dodge every save

  69. Un perro normal hace 7 años

    Un perro normal hace 7 añosPrije 26 dana

    not now de gea you will tranfers

  70. Isco _

    Isco _Prije 26 dana

    I'll be real, i hate those Bruno jokes, but that impression was so good

  71. localfrompub

    localfrompubPrije 26 dana

    All united had to do in the Europa league still failed

  72. Paulo Dybala 925

    Paulo Dybala 925Prije 26 dana

    Cavani death for penalties vs villareal 11-10

  73. 巨鎚瑞斯

    巨鎚瑞斯Prije 26 dana

    DDG : MOTM

  74. enigma cars

    enigma carsPrije 27 dana

    Gimme gimme gimme

  75. Kairan Feebery

    Kairan FeeberyPrije 27 dana

    Best video ever!!! DAVID! DAVID! Give it give it give it to Edi Cavani!

  76. Dahir Farah

    Dahir FarahPrije 27 dana

    where did he get that cavani toy ????????????????????????????????????????

  77. ,

    ,Prije 27 dana

    Today I learned that Gary is well endowed.

  78. T2L

    T2LPrije 27 dana

    First time I’ve seen Donny happy on the bench

  79. Maribel Hernandez

    Maribel HernandezPrije 27 dana

    Ex friend areola and cavani

  80. Seong Thong Chuah

    Seong Thong ChuahPrije 27 dana

    Cavani at PSG: get bullied by Neymar and sometimes Mbappe Cavani at Man United: get bullied by Bruno Bruno Bruno

  81. Chris D'souza

    Chris D'souzaPrije 27 dana

    They did Areola dirty 😂😂😭

  82. Cath Eustace

    Cath EustacePrije 28 dana

    In the Everton v Man U were Cavani scored it wasn’t Pickford in goal it was Olsen

  83. Saafir Al Raahil

    Saafir Al RaahilPrije 28 dana

    Next season:give it give it to icradi

  84. Chicken strips Gaming

    Chicken strips GamingPrije 28 dana

    Neymar and mbappe aren’t talking now

  85. Pehlaaj hassan

    Pehlaaj hassanPrije 28 dana

    Bruno is good but no where near as good as DE Bryune

  86. Brandon Mellors

    Brandon MellorsPrije 29 dana

    im back again to watch this

  87. Kanav anand

    Kanav anandPrije 29 dana

    Mark Goldbrige will be proud .

  88. Alex Millberg

    Alex MillbergPrije 29 dana

    Ha gjort Cuväni ens mål

  89. Footballclips

    FootballclipsPrije 29 dana

    When is the Man City pl song coming

  90. Charlie Rutter

    Charlie RutterPrije 29 dana

    Mark goldbridge made this chant

  91. Katleho Moroke

    Katleho MorokePrije 29 dana

    Mighty cavani breaking the curse of number 7

  92. Abhigyan

    AbhigyanPrije 29 dana

    This year Kbd:scoring through assist Bruno:giving assist without touchin the ball

  93. RAJA TAI

    RAJA TAIPrije 29 dana

    I hate cavani in pes because he is to fast (I dont hate him in real life)

  94. Pho Noodle

    Pho NoodlePrije 29 dana


  95. S I C A R I O

    S I C A R I OPrije 29 dana

    Give it give it give it to Edi Cavaani

  96. Kairan Zingapan

    Kairan ZingapanPrije mjesec

    They've violated Areola

  97. Major Ram

    Major RamPrije mjesec

    Dean the legend like Edison's hair

  98. Taher Mahdy

    Taher MahdyPrije mjesec

    I can’t stop watching it Dean it’s stuck in my head

  99. Dina I have attached a picture for Mintah

    Dina I have attached a picture for MintahPrije mjesec

    Man city win the league and aguero has transfered to Barcelona

  100. Cinzia Palumbo

    Cinzia PalumboPrije mjesec


  101. Joel MacInnes

    Joel MacInnesPrije mjesec

    What did they do to areola!!??

  102. Chris D'souza

    Chris D'souzaPrije 27 dana

    An areola duh

  103. h Moment

    h MomentPrije mjesec

    The original song is gimme gimme gimme for anyone who wants it

  104. Ramazan Eren Güneysu

    Ramazan Eren GüneysuPrije mjesec

    Manchester is blue

  105. rachsafff _

    rachsafff _Prije 29 dana

    @Ramazan Eren Güneysu bro man utd trashed city in like 80% of their derbies city only became good a few years ago

  106. Malcolm Amaral

    Malcolm AmaralPrije mjesec

    @Ramazan Eren Güneysu the 7th of March says otherwise

  107. Ramazan Eren Güneysu

    Ramazan Eren GüneysuPrije mjesec

    @Malcolm Amaral but Manchester is always blue

  108. Ramazan Eren Güneysu

    Ramazan Eren GüneysuPrije mjesec

    @Malcolm Amaral yes

  109. Malcolm Amaral

    Malcolm AmaralPrije mjesec

    @Ramazan Eren Güneysu we both already knew this

  110. Cyanide

    CyanidePrije mjesec

    Bruno at the end😭😭gold

  111. Aslı Ece Özşahin

    Aslı Ece ÖzşahinPrije mjesec


  112. Aslı Ece Özşahin

    Aslı Ece ÖzşahinPrije mjesec

    Yazan atlas


    XDNOPES YTPrije mjesec

    no one: me as a city fan: MISS MISS MISS IT PLEASE EDI CAVANII

  114. Damex 07

    Damex 07Prije mjesec

    what song are they parodying???

  115. Charles Leirman

    Charles LeirmanPrije 28 dana

    Psg Man United (Harry maguire)

  116. Spoiler!!!!!!!

    Spoiler!!!!!!!Prije mjesec

    His flowing long black hair.......makes me stand down there😂😂😂

  117. Fonionzo 7728

    Fonionzo 7728Prije mjesec

    What’s the original song name???

  118. Charles Leirman

    Charles LeirmanPrije 28 dana

    PSG Man United, harry maguire

  119. Jurgen Karl

    Jurgen KarlPrije mjesec

    Spectacular gaol by cavani

  120. FTA Arxyy

    FTA ArxyyPrije mjesec

    lets all not forget the fact that he did not upload a champions league final video😂😂