😲TIMO WERNER MISSES AGAINST REAL MADRID!😲 (+Fulham Leeds Newcastle etc) Real Madrid vs Chelsea 1-1!

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  1. 442oons

    442oonsPrije mjesec

    🎵Win a pair of Liberty Air 2 Pro Wireless Airbuds!🎵 Choose your colour using the link below then type your colour in the comments! #ad One lucky winner will be chosen at random in 7 days! US: soundcore.club/3sxHa4w UK: soundcore.club/3dtXjUl DE: soundcore.club/3sxGCeY EU: soundcore.club/3sxGNqE CA: soundcore.club/32xy65f There is a sale on right now until May 2nd!

  2. Creeperboy043

    Creeperboy043Prije 14 dana


  3. Mireille Bassil

    Mireille BassilPrije 27 dana

    0:57 not another prediction

  4. Trill Jay

    Trill JayPrije mjesec

    Those onyx black earphones would be nice to have 🙇🏽‍♂️

  5. Griffin McCarthy

    Griffin McCarthyPrije mjesec

    Can I get the black for my brother

  6. PUBG

    PUBGPrije mjesec

    Colour: musicares red. Who doesn't like that

  7. Ramadan Etemi

    Ramadan EtemiPrije 2 dana

    1st game chelsea vs real mdrid werner miss changes. 2st game his score

  8. 海洋之王

    海洋之王Prije 3 dana

    1:31 the eye test says "even worse than Alvaro Morata even worse than shevchenko no lie"

  9. Mohamed Amiin

    Mohamed AmiinPrije 4 dana

    I loved how Tuchel cried

  10. Ax Gamer

    Ax GamerPrije 4 dana

    original song?

  11. Martha Teague

    Martha TeaguePrije 14 dana

    I love you.

  12. zsgaming

    zsgamingPrije 14 dana

    Werner cant score with his feet but he can score with his head

  13. Jesus Vargas

    Jesus VargasPrije 15 dana

    Ah sido una peor campaña para Timo Werner, pues es una campaña regular para él

  14. supreme rosey

    supreme roseyPrije 19 dana

    Og song

  15. Gaming Challenge

    Gaming ChallengePrije 21 dan

    Why Timo Werner wins Champions League with Chelsea

  16. someone who no ones ever heard of

    someone who no ones ever heard ofPrije 15 dana


  17. Mary Nugent

    Mary NugentPrije 22 dana

    I'm five weeks in the future

  18. profil karakter

    profil karakterPrije 23 dana

    champiooneee champioonee oleee oleeee oleeee chelsea fc chelsea fc oleee oleee ollllleeeee

  19. Gourav Chakraborty

    Gourav ChakrabortyPrije 23 dana

    Who’s here after Chelsea won UCL for second time?

  20. apfeff21

    apfeff21Prije 23 dana

    Whose here after Chelsea won the champions league

  21. Senan Naughton

    Senan NaughtonPrije 23 dana

    An they still won it even with Werners misses

  22. Lazuardy 17

    Lazuardy 17Prije 24 dana

    1:10 can't stop laughing at this 😂

  23. Lorenzo Cookoo

    Lorenzo CookooPrije 26 dana

    1:10 don’t mind this comment pls

  24. ReLaX MaTe

    ReLaX MaTePrije 28 dana

    When he missed the punch 😂🤣

  25. Narrow

    NarrowPrije mjesec

    Werner scored to send Chelsea to the final... It was unbelievable I thought I was dreaming, but no Timo Werner the *A C T U A L* Timo Werner scored

  26. Diego Marquez

    Diego MarquezPrije mjesec

    If I had a penny for every time timo Werner scored I would have no pennies

  27. off sent

    off sentPrije mjesec

    did werner close his eyes? did werner fall asleep? how'd he miss it? timo werner miss again~

  28. Laurence Curtis

    Laurence CurtisPrije mjesec

    Am I the only one who thinks Dean is salty about Liverpool not getting Werner so he constantly insults Werner. Confirmed. Dean is a Liverpool fan

  29. mah boed

    mah boedPrije mjesec

    fk knows!

  30. Julio swedo

    Julio swedoPrije mjesec

    Give timo a ballon d'or 🤣🤣

  31. aforawesome

    aforawesomePrije mjesec

    Billy Gilmour Number 23 tho

  32. Louie Louie

    Louie LouiePrije mjesec

    Tomorrow Werner is worth 2 pounds

  33. Hisham Alawi

    Hisham AlawiPrije mjesec


  34. Jahvain Thompson

    Jahvain ThompsonPrije mjesec

    manchester city fans is shit

  35. someone who no ones ever heard of

    someone who no ones ever heard ofPrije 15 dana

    Hard to find any but why u talking bout it on this vid🤨🤨

  36. Admir Ramadani

    Admir RamadaniPrije mjesec


  37. theBritish Singh

    theBritish SinghPrije mjesec

    Sapphire Blue

  38. Nate Kang

    Nate KangPrije mjesec

    0:35 lol why does Gilmour have the wrong squad number (the one he had last year)

  39. Rayan Aayat Chowdhury

    Rayan Aayat ChowdhuryPrije mjesec

    What's his real number

  40. omar rahimi

    omar rahimiPrije mjesec

    Minecraft feet killed me

  41. Rifky Faturahman

    Rifky FaturahmanPrije mjesec


  42. sreehari

    sreehariPrije mjesec

    Yes that fall did fix his eyes (Werner scored against Madrid in 2nd leg

  43. MiniMargetts2

    MiniMargetts2Prije mjesec

    Onyx Black ⚫😂😂

  44. Chaotic Stop

    Chaotic StopPrije mjesec

    Cmon one person is here after the new 442oons video

  45. Rohith Raman

    Rohith RamanPrije mjesec

    Who's here after the second leg

  46. Leon Zedz

    Leon ZedzPrije mjesec

    Anybody still hear when chelsea beat real madrid in the 2nd leg and werner scored a open goal?

  47. Cookie Life

    Cookie LifePrije mjesec

    When is the 2-0

  48. Blocksters Inc

    Blocksters IncPrije mjesec

    Who’s here after Werner actually scored against Real Madrid in the 2nd leg

  49. Jaden Ayodele

    Jaden AyodelePrije 19 dana

    No one

  50. TTV_Chris_09

    TTV_Chris_09Prije 20 dana

    And before

  51. TTV_Chris_09

    TTV_Chris_09Prije 20 dana


  52. Gamer jesse YT

    Gamer jesse YTPrije 24 dana

    @Infernal Beast u

  53. That One Piranha Plant

    That One Piranha PlantPrije 24 dana

    @oswaldo valenzuela I would say not to get too cocky with your friends, but he probably won’t get another chance so yeah

  54. KaneQ

    KaneQPrije mjesec

    1st Leg: Werner miss against Real 2nd Leg: Werner score to 1:0 and help to beat Real

  55. Ian Poblano

    Ian PoblanoPrije mjesec

    If they win everyone is gonna be a fake chealse fan

  56. Knight Esquire

    Knight EsquirePrije mjesec

    He did it. He fucking scored. He played decently yesterday. I think turbo timo is back

  57. Pavle Miladinovic-PajaBS

    Pavle Miladinovic-PajaBSPrije mjesec

    werner is good like pele misses 2 open goals werner is so speedy and good for my side

  58. Christopher Kas

    Christopher KasPrije mjesec

    Onyx Black

  59. SilverFox 19

    SilverFox 19Prije mjesec

    He didn’t miss this time at least

  60. Eagle Eye

    Eagle EyePrije mjesec

    Anyone here after Werner scored v real Madrid

  61. Moustapha Name

    Moustapha NamePrije mjesec

    He scored a tap in low

  62. Zep Playz1

    Zep Playz1Prije mjesec

    make sure to get our win Chelsea 2-0(3-1) Real Madrid. Hahaha Hazard you lost against your old team

  63. V2 Ghost

    V2 GhostPrije mjesec

    Who is here after chelsea came I. The f8nals

  64. Cliveri_ixi

    Cliveri_ixiPrije mjesec

    i mean can i get the black earbudes plz

  65. ហុង សិទ្ធិយ៉ា

    ហុង សិទ្ធិយ៉ាPrije mjesec

    before man city win champoin league

  66. Arrif Tukiran

    Arrif TukiranPrije mjesec

    This video don’t age really well

  67. someone who no ones ever heard of

    someone who no ones ever heard ofPrije mjesec

    @Arrif Tukiran because martial is crap as well foes he even play

  68. Arrif Tukiran

    Arrif TukiranPrije mjesec

    @someone who no ones ever heard of if he is a crap, then why he has more effort in goal contribution more than martial

  69. someone who no ones ever heard of

    someone who no ones ever heard ofPrije mjesec

    @Arrif Tukiran he Is crap my best friend is a chelsea fan and he hates on werner as well

  70. Arrif Tukiran

    Arrif TukiranPrije mjesec

    @Moustapha Name why so salty, mate?! He need the confidence for himself

  71. Moustapha Name

    Moustapha NamePrije mjesec

    He scored a tap in lol he's still 💩 💩 💩 💩

  72. Xander Grogan

    Xander GroganPrije mjesec

    Werner's just scored in this match...

  73. Edek

    EdekPrije mjesec

    Werner scores XDDD

  74. J-rated

    J-ratedPrije mjesec

    Here before chelsea wins the Champions league

  75. christy raja jayaseli

    christy raja jayaseliPrije mjesec

    Red for me please By the way im in india

  76. Tom Andrews

    Tom AndrewsPrije mjesec

    As a Chelsea fan this video makes for painful viewing. But I will say that Torres missing an open goal at Old Trafford was worse.

  77. Gitte Højrup Larsen

    Gitte Højrup LarsenPrije mjesec

    Is he pist

  78. Junes Tindemans

    Junes TindemansPrije mjesec

    Onex black pls

  79. Junes Tindemans

    Junes TindemansPrije mjesec


  80. gaming zone

    gaming zonePrije mjesec


  81. Admir Ramadani

    Admir RamadaniPrije mjesec


  82. l Anaiak

    l AnaiakPrije mjesec

    Gilmour no.23 not 47 now

  83. Abu-Bakr Ismail

    Abu-Bakr IsmailPrije mjesec

    11:14 ummmm.....



    Tuchel's Voice and laugh tho 🤣

  85. Selena Mcerlean

    Selena McerleanPrije mjesec


  86. Chris Betteridge

    Chris BetteridgePrije mjesec

    Tibo His kit changes

  87. Chris Betteridge

    Chris BetteridgePrije mjesec

    Dean u made a mistake

  88. Chris Betteridge

    Chris BetteridgePrije mjesec

    Kepa scoring has more chance of Timo at scoring

  89. Chris Betteridge

    Chris BetteridgePrije mjesec

    Timo Werner Scoring🖕

  90. Chris Betteridge

    Chris BetteridgePrije mjesec

    @DeanStobbart Can You Make A Video. Draw your life Dean Stobbart

  91. Big Smoke

    Big SmokePrije mjesec

    How tf is no one talking about benzemas goal

  92. Vibora

    ViboraPrije mjesec

    Sapphire blue. Turbo timo ftw

  93. X-M1ss-Y0u-X

    X-M1ss-Y0u-XPrije mjesec

    Werner deserves the ballon d'oral, just like lewa said to suarez in one of the ballon d'or rap battles.

  94. King Rebastian

    King RebastianPrije mjesec

    Start Girond. Wait no actually start Billy

  95. Oliver woolridge

    Oliver woolridgePrije mjesec


  96. creature pk

    creature pkPrije mjesec

    Titanium white

  97. Jay Jordan Redshaw

    Jay Jordan RedshawPrije mjesec

    Amazing player

  98. nations League tv1

    nations League tv1Prije mjesec

    Sell him

  99. Jacob Harris

    Jacob HarrisPrije mjesec

    Vinicius Jr is a b tec Johnny evans

  100. QuacksterXD

    QuacksterXDPrije mjesec


  101. Asher Zamler

    Asher ZamlerPrije mjesec

    onyx black big up the great content

  102. AbDe_ 257

    AbDe_ 257Prije mjesec

    Su nombre lo dice es un timo

  103. Nιce Knσwιng Yσu

    Nιce Knσwιng YσuPrije mjesec

    I'll take the sapphire blue one. Hope werner gets better scoring goals.

  104. Scott Watterson

    Scott WattersonPrije mjesec

    Sapphire blue

  105. Dey Alexander

    Dey AlexanderPrije mjesec


  106. Taylor Buckley

    Taylor BuckleyPrije mjesec

    what happened to sam

  107. Mix and Match

    Mix and MatchPrije mjesec

    Tino Werner will be back in form and the next song will be Tino Werner scores again Watch this space

  108. Kang Mas

    Kang MasPrije mjesec


  109. Dev Goyal

    Dev GoyalPrije mjesec

    Musicares® Red

  110. YngTckz Private

    YngTckz PrivatePrije mjesec

    Been watching every video for nearly 3 years now and still loving them. My fav colour is red coz i support utd

  111. sheila chitwamali

    sheila chitwamaliPrije mjesec

    Gilmour is not number 47 it's 23

  112. Tom Murchuis

    Tom MurchuisPrije mjesec

    He did before

  113. handsomethin-boy

    handsomethin-boyPrije mjesec

    billy wrong number should be 23 but not 47

  114. Ravashlin Pillay

    Ravashlin PillayPrije mjesec

    Nothing is better than good old white

  115. Liam Hipkins

    Liam HipkinsPrije mjesec

    How did he move if he’s asleep

  116. Salvador57

    Salvador57Prije mjesec

    Onyx black

  117. Arthur Alves

    Arthur AlvesPrije mjesec

    2:37 hrhave.info/mate/YpmtZ6hmhJCvlas/video.html

  118. mini ninja

    mini ninjaPrije mjesec

    Billy gilmours Chelsea Number Are 23 not 47 a mistake

  119. cameron norton

    cameron nortonPrije mjesec

    Only Kante cared about timo trying to crowd surf The rest just started singing

  120. pete kells

    pete kellsPrije mjesec

    Onyx black